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The Forbidden Kingdom (and its ravishing anti-heroine) can’t be denied!

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Jackie and Jet

The Forbidden Kingdom opened at number one throughout Asia over the weekend, placing number one in China, Korea, Russia, Malaysia, Philippines, Hong Kong, Singapore & Taiwan!

Plus the 128-bit system loved by gamers everywhere makes a cameo appearance in the movie!

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According to Box Office Mojo The Forbidden Kingdom held its own into its second weekend in the US, earning an estimated $11.23 million to come in third, after the weekend’s two new releases.

Now in its second weekend in the US and parts of Asia, The Forbidden Kingdom is storming through China and Hong Kong this weekend!

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Thanks to everyone who has written us about seeing this great movie! Because we are legion, Forbidden Kingdom is #1 in North America!!!!!

AP reports that the actual weekend box office figure was $21.4 million!

Jet’s reaction? Read it after the cut…

In today’s update, find out where Forbidden Kingdom also opened at #1 internationally!


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