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Having seen the film now a couple times, even we realize it’s time to start winding down Forbidden Kingdom-watch 2008. But to make it a party, we pooled our resources and searched far and wide, in all our favorite message boards and sites, for new pics… And hold onto your hats, we found a ton!

Yifei and Michael

Take a peek under the cut… (WARNING: PHOTO HEAVY POST!)



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Monkey King

The specter at the heart of the epic journey of The Forbidden Kingdom is Sun Wu Kong, the legendary Monkey King, imprisoned by the Jade Warlord.

It’s a story every child in East Asia knows. The bodhisattva Guan Yin sends Tang Dynasty monk Tripitaka on an epic journey west to bring the Buddhist scriptures from India to China. Three supernatural guardians protect him along the way: Friar Sand; Pigsy; and, of course, the one-and-only Monkey King, Sun Wu Kong, the self-proclaimed “Great Sage Equal to Heaven”.

Read more … and find a special surprise (SPOILER ALERT!) below the cut…


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