Pretty amazing to think there are still premieres and press blitz’s going on as The Forbidden Kingdom goes around the world. The latest premiere pics emerge from Japan!

Japan premiere

Japan premiere

TOKYO – JULY 09: (L-R) Director Rob Minkoff and Actor Jackie Chan attend ‘The Forbidden Kingdom’ Japan Premiere at Marunouchi Piccadilly on July 9, 2008 in Tokyo, Japan. The film will open on July 26 in Japan. (Photo by Koji Watanabe/Getty Images)

See the rest of the set at Getty Images!

Thanks to Teyilia in the comments for cluing us in to the DVD and Blu Ray release announcement on Wikipedia:

The Forbidden Kingdom will be on DVD and Blu-ray September 9, 2008. It will be sold on one-disc and two-disc special editions. The one-disc edition will have no extras but will contain widescreen and full screen presentations on the single disc. The two-disc special edition will include a commentary by director Rob Minkoff, deleted scenes with commentary, featurettes (The Kung Fu Dream Team, Dangerous Beauty, Discovering China, Filming in Chinawood, and Monkey King and the Eight Immortals), a Previsualization Featurette with commentary by director Rob Minkoff, a blooper reel, and a digital copy for iTunes/Apple/Quicktime, and for Windows Media. A Blu-ray two-disc special edition will also be sold with identical features of the two-disc special edition.

We can’t wait!!!

Also, we updated the release dates section!  So, if you’re in Australia, France or any of the other countries where the movie is soon opening, check it out!

The wait is over! David Buckley’s exquisite score for The Forbidden Kingdom is coming to amazon! This latest news comes straight from Buckley himself:

The Forbidden Kingdom Album will be released close to the July 11 UK release of the film. This will be a digital release, but there is a deal with Amazon that will provide a physical CD (although I do not have all the details on this yet).

Read the whole email from Buckley’s mailing list, along with a tracklisting, under the cut…

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We’ve semi-retired the blog, but this news is so great we had to post!

Sacha Baron Cohen, Marion Cotillard, Ruby Dee and Jet Li have been invited to join Hollywood’s most exclusive club — the group that hands out the Academy Awards.

They were among 105 actors, filmmakers, executives and others in the movie business who were asked to become members of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

We’re keeping our fingers crossed that the Academy will give Jet an Oscar already!



The Forbidden Kingdom (and its ravishing anti-heroine) can’t be denied!

More under the cut…

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For those of you who, like us, couldn’t get enough of the cast of characters from The Forbidden Kingdom, good news could be on the horizon!

Sequel talk and a soundtrack review under the cut…
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Will Jackie really fire you if you don’t laugh at his jokes? Is Jet Li hiding something?? Who does Chris Tucker like more? Find out at after the cut!

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Having seen the film now a couple times, even we realize it’s time to start winding down Forbidden Kingdom-watch 2008. But to make it a party, we pooled our resources and searched far and wide, in all our favorite message boards and sites, for new pics… And hold onto your hats, we found a ton!

Yifei and Michael

Take a peek under the cut… (WARNING: PHOTO HEAVY POST!)

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We ran into this item and thought it was cool enough to post (OK, and it gave us a chance to post more pics of these stunning actresses from the premiere…)

Li Bingbing in Atelier Versace

More after the cut…

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Google has posted three new Jackie Chan skins for your iGoogle!

Jackie Google

Awesome, but we wish there was one with Lu Yan and Silent Monk! Get them all at Google!


With The Forbidden Kingdom taking China by storm, we decided to poke around some of the entertainment websites where we stumbled on pics, info and an amazing interactive tribute to the movie’s themes called the 36th Chamber of Kung Fu!

Find out more after the cut..

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Jackie and Jet

The Forbidden Kingdom opened at number one throughout Asia over the weekend, placing number one in China, Korea, Russia, Malaysia, Philippines, Hong Kong, Singapore & Taiwan!

Plus the 128-bit system loved by gamers everywhere makes a cameo appearance in the movie!

All this, and a box office press release, under the cut…

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According to Box Office Mojo The Forbidden Kingdom held its own into its second weekend in the US, earning an estimated $11.23 million to come in third, after the weekend’s two new releases.

Now in its second weekend in the US and parts of Asia, The Forbidden Kingdom is storming through China and Hong Kong this weekend!

More after the cut…

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Jet Li smiling

The great Jet Li is 45 today. Bless!

With thanks to Jackie Chan.com for the first shot and Jetli.com for the second! Great Jet clips under the cut…

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Magazine Cover

Star News Online posted a profile and interview of the fascinating Li Bingbing in which she talks about the movie and her co-stars, as well as the origins of her character and seminal performance by Brigitte Lin in Bride With White Hair…

Also, a new photo shoot showing the stars of the film in full glamour mode! More after the cut…

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Vietnam poster

Today and tomorrow, the Forbidden Kingdom opens across Asia! If you’re a reader from that part of the world, do us a solid and tell us your experience seeing the movie in the comments section!

More international posters under the cut!

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Bingbing Marie Claire

A new review TV spot, Geekscape’s video interview with John Fusco and Collin Chou, and Li Bingbing on the cover of Marie Claire China! Take a look below the cut!

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John Fusco, the screenwriter of The Forbidden Kingdom, wrote an article for Kung Fu Magazine that chronicles the production from the unique point of view of someone who was there. Also in today’s update, the great movie site Twitch Film has posted a cinematic itinerary of Jackie and Jet movies for newcomers to the kung fu superstars! Also, a new Forbidden Kingdom photo gallery from Jackie Chan!!

Read more after the cut…

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Press conference

New junket interviews have found their way to youtube and Jetli.com has more cool Asian press conference mashups!

Take a look under the cut…

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Li Bingbing as the white haired witch

Read about the extracurricular activities of Jackie, Jet and Li Bingbing, Forbidden Kingdom’s fierce White Haired Witch, after the cut!

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